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Summer Camps

Registration is open for Summer Camps 2017 at The Works!


PHONE: 740-349-9277
IN PERSON: Tuesday - Saturday, 9AM-5PM
MAIL: 55 S. 1st Street, Newark, OH  43055
Download the Summer Camp 2017 registration form. Pre-registration required.


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Summer Camps at The Works offer fun hands-on activities where campers learn by doing and creating during glass, art & science camps.

2017 Summer Camps Offerings:

Busy Bee Play & Learn (Ages: 3-5): Designed with our youngest learners in mind, this camp experience allows children to interact with museum exhibits and artifacts while getting hands-on with art and science. A great first camp experience.

Future Engineer
Design, build, and solve problems with your new engineering skills. Explore the creations of local engineers at The Works.

Science Sleuth
Use your sleuthing skills throughout the museum and help us solve the mystery of the missing artifact. Uncover the clues, collect fingerprints, and extract DNA.

I’m an Artist
Create using lines, colors, and shapes in varied art forms. Explore The Works Art Gallery and discover the work of professional artists.

Dates | AGES | TIMES: June 21, 22 & 23 or July 26, 27 & 28 | 3-5 yrs | 9:30–11:30 AM
COST: $90/$75 Members

Jr. Robotics (Ages: 6-7): Get a hands-on introduction to robotics and test basic programming and building skills through 5 half-day sessions.
• Design, build, and program a LEGO® WeDo 2.0 robot
• Work as a team to find solutions to robotics challenges
• Receive an introduction to Jr. FIRST® LEGO® League
Dates | Ages | Times: June 26-30 or July 10-14 | 6-7 yrs | 9 AM-Noon
COST: $175/$150 Members


LEGO® Robotics (Ages: 8-11): Dive into robotics with an introduction to the popular world-wide FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) program.

  • Design, build, and program a LEGO® EV3 robot
  • Work as a team to find solutions to robotics challenges
  • Show off your robot as you compete in a FIRST® LEGO® League robotics-type competition

Dates | Ages | Times: June 26-30 | 8-9 yrs | 1-4 PM CAMP FULL. Call to be placed on a waitlist.
July 10-14 | 10-11 yrs | 1-4 PM
COST: $175/$150 Members

Steampunk Art (Ages: 8-11): Unleash your creativity and imagination during this 5-day multisensory art experience.  Hands-on projects will bring the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) to Steampunk. Be ready to create, problem solve, and maybe do a little acting while re-imagining modern technology with a Newark Industrial Revolution twist. 

Dates | AGES | TIMES: July 24-28 | 8-11 yrs | 9 AM-Noon
COST: $175/$150 Members

Forensic Science (Ages: 12-14): Have you ever wondered what really happens to the evidence collected at a crime scene? Interact with experts in medicine, law enforcement, and the legal profession to get an insider’s view into the life of a professional forensic scientist. Topics may include:
• Crime scene investigation
• Fingerprinting & DNA Analysis
• Forensic microscopy
• Impression and splatter evidence
At the conclusion of the week, participants will take their newly acquired knowledge and skills and apply them to a mock crime scene. This camp is designed for 12-14-year-olds interested in the laboratory analysis of crime scene evidence.
Dates | Ages | Times: June 19-23 | 12-14 yrs | 8:30 AM-Noon
COST: $200/$175 Members

STEM Innovation Institute (Ages: 12-14): The perfect camp for young entrepreneurs and inventors! Youth will be supported in their exploration of invention through dreaming, designing, engineering, and making. Young inventors will be challenged to create new, original innovations, but must also consider the principles of business, such as profit margins and prototyping. Participants will also be introduced to local entrepreneurs who will help them brainstorm and push their ideas to the next level.

Dates | AGES | TIMES: July 17-21 | 9-11 yrs | 9 AM-Noon
July 17-21 | 12-14 yrs | 1-4:30 PM
COST: $175/$150 Members, 9-11 yrs; $200/$175 Members, 12-14 yrs

3D Design (Ages 12-14): CAD (computer-aided design) breathes life into creativity across the world. Engineers use it to design realistic models, woodworkers use it for pre-design, video game designers create life-like components, and even artists use it in their creations. If you can dream it, you can make it—the possibilities are endless! During 3D Design camp,12-14-year-olds will dive into the world of CAD, learning the skills necessary to design 3D solutions to real-world problems.

Dates | AGES | TIMES: July 31-Aug 4 | 12-14 yrs | 8:30 AM-Noon
COST: $200/$175 Members

Summer Camp Consent Forms must be completed for each participant prior to the date of the camp. (Coming soon online.)

  • By Mail: Registration form coming soon.
  • By Phone: 740-349-9277
  • In Person: 55 South 1st Street, Newark

Camp registration is on a first-come, first-served basis with a limited number of seats available in each camp. Registration fees are non-refundable. 

Summer Camp Scholarship Assistance:

Summer Camp financial assistance is available for those who qualify. To apply, complete the Scholarship Application and submit it to the Assistant Museum Director.