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Team Eggcellent from Watkins Memorial High School displays their trophy for taking first place in the 3D Printing Challenge during Stemfest! 2015.


STEMfest! at The Works connects industry, education and community. STEMfest! is all about teaching middle and high school students the importance of real-world math, science and engineering problem solving. Local business and industry partners collaborate to develop 3 Problem Solving Challenges relating to their industries. Prior to the STEMfest! event, eager groups of high school and middle school students select one Problem Solving Challenge to research and take their best shot developing a solution. Participation in STEMfest! is free to schools and students and all supplies are also provided to students free of charge.

During STEMfest!, students present their solutions to a live audience and panel of judges. Awards are presented to teams with top honors in each Problem Solving Challenge category. Participating in STEMfest! allows students to gain insight and cultivate interest in a future career path. For some students, participation even leads to wonderful internship opportunities with local businesses.

During the community event portion of STEMfest!, businesses utilizing STEM education principles - such as Boeing, Rolls Royce, and Owens Corning - show guests how science, technology, engineering, and math is applied within their industry through fun hands-on activities. These activities showcase what the business does, the impact it has on our community, and future career opportunities for students.

Congratulations STEMfest! 2015 winners:

Middle School Challenge Winners

3D Challenge: Piggy Pro – Licking Valley Middle School, Josh Green
Solar Challenge: The Solar Flairs – Watkins Memorial Middle School, Alex Bogovich, Jamison Castillo, Ty List
Toothpick Bridge Challenge: Welsh Hills Dragons – Welsh Hills School, Denzel Assogba, Keely Spens, Logan McCafferty, Nick Grishin, Anne Birgeneau


High School Challenge Winners

3D Challenge: Eggcellent – Watkins Memorial High School, Chelsea List, Allison Miller, Adam Creech
Solar Challenge: TechBuilders – Granville High School, Max Budd, Brendan Bittel, Jonny Lukins, Thomas Patton
Toothpick Bridge Challenge: The Bridge Masters – C-TEC, Stephen Green, Peyton Snow, Andy Siegel, Ken Richardson

Persistent Scientist Award Recipients

Josh Green – Licking Valley Middle School
Kyle Powers – Newark High School

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