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History Exhibits

Connect with local history at The Works! Come face-to-face with an Ohio mastodon (and learn his fate!) in The Works’ history exhibits. Visit The Works’ restored Ohio-Erie Canal lock, Interurban street car, and Land of Legend shops to learn about Ohio life through the decades.

Newark's Own Jerrie Mock: First Woman to Fly Solo Around the World

Newark's Own Jerrie Mock: First Woman to Fly Solo Around the World

Be Inspired to Soar
In 1964, Geraldine "Jerrie" Mock, a 38-year-old mother of three, fearlessly stepped into her 11-year-old single-engine Cessna 180 and flew into history by becoming the first woman to fly solo around the world.

Climb aboard a period Cessna outfitted to resemble Jerrie's "Spirit of Columbus:

Test your skills at a flight simulator

Plot Jerrie's flight path around the globe

Jerrie Mock Around the World Flight Quick Facts:

Departed Columbus, Ohio, March 19, 1964
Returned Columbus, Ohio, April 17, 1964
Distance Traveled: 22,858 miles
Total Flight Time:  158 hours

World Records Achieved:
            First woman to fly solo around the world
            First woman to fly both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans
            First woman to fly the Pacific from west to east
            First woman to fly the Pacific in either direction in a single-engine airplane
            First woman to fly across the North Atlantic from the United Stated to Africa
            Women’s speed record for around-the-world flights
            Speed record for men and women for around-the world flights in single-engine  
            airplanes in 2,204-3,858 lb. weight class


Evolution & Revolution:
View the evolution of communication of the last 200 years and contemplate your future in an ever-changing world.

Have you ever used a rotary telephone?  Or tried out a manual typewriter?  Do both at The Works' exhibit on the evolution of communication over the last 200 years.

Communication is the exchange of information. While this has not changed over time, the technologies we use to engage it have changed tremendously. We can access more people over longer distances and we can access more information more quickly than ever before in history. Current technology allows a single portable device to perform hundreds of functions.

The capabilities and accessibility of the cell phone make us each a potential historian, reporter, and social or political activist.  Social media have played a role in revolution and unrest around the world. This exhibit encourages all to examine how the cell phone has changed their own life and the world.

This exhibit was made possible with generous support from The LeFevre Foundation, the Licking County Emergency Management Agency, and the Ohio Humanities Council.


History is also found outside the museum walls! Visit the fully restored Interurban Railway Car and learn how this car was originally used for mass transportation in the early 1900's, converted to a private residence in the mid 1970s, then restored to its original condition in the 21st century.



Walk across 1st Street to visit the beautifully restored Ohio Erie Canal Lock #9.

This is more than a history exhibit, it's also a beautiful park-like green space for the community to enjoy while learning about the history of transporation.