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STEM Awards

The Works is proud to recognize educators and businesses who go above and beyond to promote the importance of STEM education.

Etna Elementary 4th Grade teacher, Melissa Bell, accepts the 2013 STEM Educator of the Year Award.

Actively engaging children in STEM Education is important both in and out of the classroom. The Works is honored to be part of two STEM awards; STEM Teacher of the Year and STEM Business of the Year. Each award acknowledges one Licking County teacher and business who has gone above and beyond to promote and encourage STEM education in innovative ways. View media coverage for award recipients.

STEM Educator of the Year Award

The Works STEM Educator of the Year Award provides an opportunity to recognize a teacher who excels by engaging students in STEM education both in the classroom and in the community. This teacher is one who implements innovative, inquiry-based programs that address real-world problems.

The selected teacher will be honored at the Licking County Chamber of Commerce Awards held annually in August. The Award is an original glass piece, handcrafted at The Works, and $1,000 to use towards classroom initiatives. View/download complete requirements & nomination application.

Eligibility:  All teachers preK-12 who teach in Licking county.


2013 STEM Educator of the Year: 

  • Melissa Bell, Etna Elementary 4th Grade Teacher (Pictured L to R: Melissa Bell, Marcia Downes, Rick Platt)

    The following is an excerpt from Ms. Bell:

"My goal as an educator has always been to make a difference in the world and have a career that would be ever changing. I wanted to contribute my love of nature to society in some way. I realized from my extensive environmental studies, I would be most beneficial to society by teaching children how to give back to and protect their environment.

This year I started the Eco-Warrior Club, which meets after school to learn about the environment and help contribute to the outdoor classroom. I want to take every opportunity to share our curriculum through hands-on experiences in the outdoor classroom, like geo-caching and building and maintaining bird houses. I also organize field trips to take advantage of our local habitats. Students encounter nature first hand and learn the curriculum through experience they could not get sitting gin the classroom. I believe this helps children develop a sense of place in their world."

STEM Business of the Year Award

The STEM Business of the Year Award is sponsored by The STEM Advisory of The Works comprised of business and industry leaders and educators. This award recognizes a company who integrates STEM education into their everyday business while also fostering STEM Education within the community.. The Advisory Board along with the Licking County Chamber of Commerce develop the award criteria and select the recipient. View/download complete requirements & nomination criteria.

2013 STEM Business of the Year:

  • The Boeing Company