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STEM Education Resources

The Works provides a variety of STEM resources for educators to assist them in enhancing the classroom learning experience.

Science, technology, engineering & math are at the heart of all programming at The Works.

The Works is dedicated to connecting the education community with valuable STEM resources to utilize in the classroom. STEM education concepts are present in all museum programs and exhibits, which align to state of Ohio content standards for education. The Works also coordinates STEM resources available through local business and industry to further enhance th

STEM at The Works:

STEM Virtual Resources
The Works has compiled a library of STEM resources for the education community.

  • Teacher Packets: Packets feature classroom activities relating to school tour and outreach programs offered at The Works. Packets are a great resource for educators and can be used as stand alone lessons. Learn more about Teacher Packets.

    Packets include detailed information about:
    • Concepts
    • Objectives
    • Academic Standards Met
    • Classroom Connections
    • Literacy Links for further resources
    • Extensions available at The Works
    • Pre-Visit Classroom Activities
    • Post-Visit Classroom Activities

BRIDGES: An Integrated STEM Teaching Guide - Provided by Elmer's In Cooperation with The Works (Grades 4-8) This interactive inquiry-based instructional unit is designed to teach students about different types of bridges, and set the foundation for the STEM principles involved in their construction. The instructional guide combines a variety of hands-on and research-based learning experiences to identify the strengths and weaknesses of different types of bridges before students construct their own models. The activities provided in the guide incorporate principles of science, history, mathematics, engineering and English/language arts for students in grades 4-8. Teachers can easily adapt the lessons and provide engaging, hands-on creative learning experiences for students in any classroom. 


  • STEM Virtual Resource Library: A resource guide for educators to integrate business and industry grounded in STEM education principles into the classroom. The businesses listed welcome opportunities to reach students and educate them about the importance of STEM education, the education and skills needed to be employed at their locations, and STEM-related careers. These industries are eager to staff future workforces with qualified employees from surrounding communities and know the successful future of their business depends on the students of today. View/download the STEM Virtual Resource Library.