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STEM Initiatives

STEM is central to The Works' multidisclipinary approach to learning, including major programs such as STEMfest!, STEM Over Lunch, Robotics and more. Scroll down for details on specific STEM events at The Works. 

Connecting education, industry & community is key to all STEM initiatives at The Works. STEMfest!, a signature STEM event at The Works, is a perfect example.

Kids' Tech University (KTU): Sessions: January, February, March and April 2017

2017 registration info coming soon! Students 9-12 years of age participate in four sessions of exciting on-campus STEM learning made possible by The Works, The Ohio State University at Newark and Denison University. KTU is designed to spark interest in science, technology, engineering, and math through fun and interesting "why" inquiries while introducing kids to a college campus atmosphere. Students interact and solve problems with university faculty while their parents attend "Explore College" informational sessions. The goal of KTU is to introduce students and parents to post-secondary education institutions so they may consider higher education opportunities and create a skilled workforce in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics professions.


STEMfest!: February

The Works' signature STEM event, STEMfest! connects industry, education and community. This event features three Problem Solving Challenges developed by businesses that represent issue(s) they face within their industry. Middle and high school students select one challenge to work on individually or as a team and present their findings to a panel of judges during STEMfest! Teams are judged on a variety of pre-determined criteria with winners receiving an award and potential internships.

In addition to the Problem Solving Challenge component, STEMfest! also features a "show and tell" component for businesses. The community is invited to talk with and participate in activities led by businesses to learn more about the services they provide, how they use STEM, and STEM career opportunities for young adults within their business. Admission to STEMfest! is free and open to the public. All materials for each Problem Solving Challenge are provided to participants free of charge.

STEMFest! 2016 was held on Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 20 and 21

STEM Over Lunch: October

STEM Over Lunch is a day of networking for educators and industry professionals. The morning session features inquiry-based instruction for middle and high school math and science teachers followed by an interactive afternoon panel discussion for teachers, superintendents, and principals about the future of STEM in our classroom and manufacturing as we train students for the global workforce. View/download complete details about STEM Over Lunch.

Lego® Robotics: Year Around

Lego® Robotics is taking the area by storm and The Works is proud to partner with local robotics teams to further promote this great program rooted in STEM education! The museum hosts several Robotics events, informational meetings, and team training sessions to promote just how much fun it is to get hands-on with science, technology, and teamwork. Learn more about Lego® Robotics.

Industry Days: January & March

STEM Industry Days occur annually. Each day highlights a specific business that demonstrates the services they provide and how they are using STEM education. Industry Days are a great way for young adults to understand what businesses do and  how important businesses are to the community and the economy.

Summer Camps: June & July

Summer Camps at The Works feature STEM-based learning in fun, interactive ways for children 3 to 12 years of age.