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Outreach Sessions

We are unable to accept any additional Outreach Sessions for the 2016 – 2017 school year. We are accepting reservations for summer only at this time. We will begin accepting reservations for the 2017 – 2018 school year on June 1.

Book The Works to come to your school! Interested in opportunities not listed here? Call or email The Works Education Team.

Taking programs "on the road" is a great way to introduce kids to all the amazing things that happen at The Works.

Want to schedule an Outreach Session? Here's how to get started. Read an overview of our Outreach Sessions.

What information do I need to schedule an Outreach Session?
     • Grade level(s) of the students
     • Total number of students
     • Total number of teachers
     • Top 3 dates
     • Preferred arrival and departure times
     • Chosen educational program:
           – Assembly
                 • Science Shows other than 3D and Glassblowing
           – Classroom
                  • Education Program other than those with the *
• YOUR Name, Phone number, and Email address

Outreach Session Costs and what's included:

Per Session Price:
• Assembly - $350
        45 minutes in length
        250 student maximum
• Classroom - $150
        45 minutes in length
        30 student maximum
• Travel Fee
        No fee within Licking County.
        Outside of Licking County
        Per mile door to door
• Multiple Booking Discount
        2 or more same theme Assemblies receive a $100 discount per Session
        2 or more same theme Classroom Sessions receive a $25 discount per session

How do I register?

Call or Email The Works Education Team (740) 349-9277

Education Programs

Pre-K: Colors, Polymers, Science of Glass, Simple Machines, Sound, Weather
Kindergarten: Polymers, Science of Glass, Sound, Weather
1st Grade: Forces & Motion, Polymers, Science of Glass, Weather
2nd Grade: Forces & Motion, Invention, Polymers, Science of Glass, Weather
3rd Grade: *Dr. Jones, I Presume? (coming soon), Energy & Electricity,*Make It/Ship It,
                      Polymers, Science of Glass, Sound
4th Grade: *Dr. Jones, I Presume? (coming soon), Energy & Electricity, Invention,
                    *Make It/Ship It, Pleistocene Dentist, Science of Glass, Polymers
5th Grade: Forces & Motion, Invention, Polymers, Science of Glass, Sound
6th  - 8th Grade: Bernoulli & Coanda, Electricity & Magnetism, Fossils & Biodiversity,
                              Industrial Polymers (coming soon), Polymers of Life, Science of Glass

Science Shows:
Optical Illusions
Newton's Laws - Forces and Motion
3D Printing
Glass Blowing

Teacher Packets:

Teacher Packets are a great resource for educators and can be used in classrooms even if students do not visit The Works for a school tour or outreach experience. Packets include detailed information about; concepts, objectives, academic standards met, classroom connections, literacy links for futher resources, extensions available at The Works, pre-visit classroom activities, and post-visit classroom activities.

View/download the following Teacher Packets for use in your classroom: