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School Tours

We are unable to accept any additional school tours for the 2016 – 2017 school year. We are accepting reservations for summer 2017 only at this time. We will begin accepting reservations for the 2017 – 2018 school year on June 1. We appreciate your understanding.

Field trips to The Works offer students a breadth of experiences in science, history, art and glass.

Want to schedule a School Tour? Here's how to get started. Read an overview of The Works' School Tours.

What information do I need to schedule a School Tour?
     • Grade level(s) of the students
     • Total number of students
     • Total number of teachers
     • Top 3 dates
     • Preferred arrival and departure times
     • Chosen educational program, science shows, and exploration opportunities:
     • YOUR Name, Phone number, and Email addressWe're updating our School Tour info! 

What is the cost? And what's included?

Per Student Price:
     • School Tour: $4
     • 15 minute orientation
     • 30 minute blocks of exploration time (unlimited)
     • Dedicated lunch/classroom space: $2
     • Educational Programs/Shows: $1 (Polymers is $2/student) See grade-level cards for full details.                                                                                                                                                
We require 1 adult for every 5-7 students (FREE), $4 per additional adult.

How do I register?

Call or Email The Works Education Team (740) 349-9277

Education Programs

Pre-K: Colors, Polymers, Science of Glass, Simple Machines, Sound, Weather
Kindergarten: Polymers, Science of Glass, Sound, Weather
1st Grade: Forces & Motion, Polymers, Science of Glass, Weather
2nd Grade: Forces & Motion, Invention, Polymers, Science of Glass, Weather
3rd Grade: *Dr. Jones, I Presume? (coming soon), Energy & Electricity,*Make It/Ship It, 
                      Polymers, Science of Glass, Sound
4th Grade: *Dr. Jones, I Presume? (coming soon), Energy & Electricity, Invention,
                    *Make It/Ship It, Pleistocene Dentist, Science of Glass, Polymers
5th Grade: Forces & Motion, Invention, Polymers, Science of Glass, Sound
6th  - 8th Grade: Bernoulli & Coanda, Electricity & Magnetism, Fossils & Biodiversity,
                              Industrial Polymers (coming soon), Polymers of Life, Science of Glass

Science Shows:
Optical Illusions
Newton's Laws - Forces and Motion
3D Printing
Glass Blowing

Teacher Packets:

Teacher Packets are a great resource for educators and can be used in classrooms even if students do not visit The Works for a school tour or outreach experience. Packets include detailed information about; concepts, objectives, academic standards met, classroom connections, literacy links for futher resources, extensions available at The Works, pre-visit classroom activities, and post-visit classroom activities.

View/download the following Teacher Packets for use in your classroom: